damage restoration after termite infestation
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damage restoration after termite infestation

I have lived in my home for nearly ten years. During those ten years, I apparently had some unwelcome tenants eating the wood in my basement. I found out that there were termites destroying my home and that I was going to have to get some serious repair work done. The damage that those tiny insects caused to my home left me bewildered. I had thought about attempting the damage repairs myself, but quickly realized that it would be work better left to the professional damage contractors. If your home has been eaten by termites, take a few moments to visit my site to find out what all really needs to be done to ensure the damage is repaired and those pests don't return.


damage restoration after termite infestation

4 Tips To Help Deal With Damaged Carpets After Your Home Has Been Flooded

Christopher Mitchelle

If your home is been flooded, there is going to be some damage that you have to deal with. Some of the damage may deal with your floors. Flooring can make for a lengthy and difficult restoration process. Materials like carpet and rugs may need to be removed and cleaned to prevent problems from getting worse and wood flooring often needs to be refinished: 

Steam Cleaning Carpets After Your Home Has Been Flooded  

One of the first things that you will want to start doing when cleaning up the flood damage is to steam clean the carpets. This will help remove any sediments and contamination that are embedded in the fibers of the carpet. If the flooding was not too bad, steam cleaning the carpets may be enough to restore these floors in your home, but sometimes, the carpet needs to be removed for more thorough cleaning and water damage restoration.  

Covering Your Carpets Before During the Demolition and Water Damage Restorations  

If you do not need to remove the padding and have the carpets cleaned, you will want to protect them while repairs are being done to your home. This can be done with plastic construction plastic and masking tape to cover the work area. Once the demolition and repairs are done, remove the plastic and have the carpets cleaned again to ensure they do not have any contamination or moisture still embedded in the fiber due to the flooding.  

Removing Carpets and Disposing of Padding Beneath to Clean and Reinstall Your Floors  

Sometimes, cleaning the carpets alone is not enough to deal with the aftermath of a flood, which can be deeply embedded in the padding. This does not always mean the carpet needs to be completely replaced. Instead, you may want to remove the carpet, replace the padding and clean the carpet before reinstalling it.  

Installing New Padding and Reinstalling Carpets That Have Been Cleaned and Are Still in Good Shape  

Before you can replace your carpets, you are going to need to replace the padding beneath it. Today, there are also water-resistant carpet padding materials that you may want to consider using. Talk with a carpet cleaning service about cleaning the carpet you removed to be reinstalled; once you have installed the new water-resistant padding.  

These are some tips to help repair and restore floors that have been damaged when your home was flooded. If you need help with restoring the flooring in your home, contact a carpet cleaning service for help cleaning carpets.